How Valtt Works
Here is how it works.

1. Create Agreement

In the Valtt Dashboard create a new Agreement by giving it a name, version, and pasting in the text of the Agreement. You can also set look and feel attributes.

2. Lock the Agreement

When you are done making changes, click a button to lock the Agreement. Once an agreement is locked the name, version, and agreement text can no longer be changed.

3. Copy the Code / API

Now you are ready to put the Agreement button and link on your website or in your app. Paste in the code snippet provided. A REST API is also available.

4. User Clicks Agree

On your website or app, your user clicks the agree button. This sends the acknowledgement of the agreement and important information about the user to Valtt.

5. Clickwrap Stored

Using a patent-pending system, Valtt takes the Clickwrap information, creates a fingerprint of that information, and stores it in a database and optionally on the Blockchain.

6. Download Proof

When you need it, search for your user, and download the certificate proof document for the Agreement and Clickwrap. Click to see an example of a Agreement Certificate and an example of a Clickwrap Certificate


Why use Valtt
Why Valtt?

Valtt Takes the Headache Out of Tracking Who Agreed to What

3rd Party Record & Storage of Your Clickwrap Agreements

Secure Management with Audit Certification

Easy and Quick to Implement (And we can help)

Simple, Affordable Pricing for Organizations of Any Size, Plans Start at $100/mo

No Lengthy Sales Process, Just Click to Get Started in Minutes, Not Weeks

Valtt Demo

Want to see a demo? Have more questions?

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